Oklahoma based company seeks oil near Rio Rancho

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – One of the nation’s largest oil companies wants to drill for oil right near Rio Rancho. As you can imagine people who live near the proposed site are not big fans of the idea.

There’s an area outside Rio Rancho where Oklahoma City-based-Sand Ridge Energy wants to drill an exploratory well. It may bring an economic boost, but people who live in a nearby neighborhood say that’s not a good enough reason to have one within a few miles of their homes.

“I think the bad of it would out weigh the good for sure. I think we need to go more green, and having it this close to the neighborhood would be a problem for the residents here,” said Rodney Road.

The proposed site is Northwest of the intersection of Northern and Encino road. Rodney Road has lived in the area for five years and says the project would bring too much noise.

“I think it’s a bad idea. I moved here to get the peace and quiet of a clean community, and that’s really going to cause traffic. I have concerns about that,” said Road.

Noise isn’t the only concern. Some neighbors say it won’t be good for their children.

“I think for us having kids, we’re concerned about pollution, being so close to the community here,” said Josh Hanson. Others are concerned the project could take away the nice views of Sandoval County.

The state has granted Sand Ridge Energy a permit. All they need now is approval from Sandoval County which could come at a December 10 meeting.

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