Wednesday’s Five Facts, Top Morning Headlines


The 5 Facts You Need to Know

  1. The City of Albuquerque plans to appeal a personnel board’s decision to give a former officer his job back. Board members voted yesterday to reinstate Jeremy Dear, who was fired last year, accused of abusing lapel camera policies. In 2014, dear shot and killed suspected truck thief, 19-year-old Mary Hawkes, but doesn’t have video of the shooting.  Dear disputes that claim. The city’s appeal could take months
  2. This morning, the u-s attorney’s office says it isn’t buying an accused killer’s reason for taking back his guilty plea. Chris Blattner,  who’s linked to two killings, shooting at police, and drug dealing, pleaded guilty seven months ago to having guns for drug trafficking. These are charges that could come with a 30 year sentence, but now he claims he was high on LSD at the time he made his plea and takes it back. The U.S Attorney’s office says he’s trying to manipulate the system. His sentencing is now pushed back to next month.
  3. Today will be mostly sunny and windy with highs in the upper-40s to mid-50s.
  4. There are a number of events happening today across the metro in honor of Veterans Day. Parades are happening in Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, and Santa Fe. The community is also invited to help blue star mothers pack care packages to send to the men and woman serving overseas.
  5. Many people are displayi
  6. ng green lights, in support of veterans on this Veterans Day. A national organization that calls itself “green light a vet” is encouraging you to put a green light on your porch, in your home, or even at your office as a symbol of appreciation and support.

Top Morning Headlines

Bernallillo County Sheriff’s Office is investigation a deputy involved shooting near Goff and Bridge. At least one person is dead, another suspect is in the hospital. BCSO says it started off as a traffic stop earlier this morning, in a different part of town. They say the suspect fled and that’s when the deputy back off. Then at around four this morning, the car was located—a bit later shots were fired. The sheriff’s office did say that the deputy did fire off at least one shot. It’s unclear if that shot is what lead to the death of one of those suspects.

A federal lawsuit is taking aim at FBI agents, claiming they used military grade grenades during a house raid with three sleeping kids inside. The suit says the agents blindly tossed more than one of the devices into the home in Anthony during the 2013 raid, the kids were hit with shrapnel. the suit says the kids, ages 9, ten, and 12 at the time are also severely traumatized emotionally. The FBI was reportedly investigating their dad, a suspected drug dealer.

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