Police catch brothers who vandalized La Cueva High School

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – For six weeks now, a pair of vandals have been breaking as many windows as they could at La Cueva High school.

Now, Albuquerque Public Schools say it’s finally nabbed the culprits; they’re brothers who also go to the school.

At a news conference earlier Tuesday afternoon, La Cueva’s principal says the two brothers are Nickolas and Alexander Viera.

The freshmen and junior shattered the glass in 44 windows and doors. Most of it is in the front of the school and around a science classroom. The school has been replacing windows nonstop for six weeks.

APS police say surveillance footage didn’t help much because the teens were wearing hoodies, but eventually tips started coming in from students. That’s how APS identified the brothers and took them into custody on Monday.

“We’re extremely thankful. It’s been pretty depressing to come here each and every morning to not know what kind of damage we’re going to encounter with those middle of the night. We have a lot of pride in our campus and we’re exceptionally proud of our student body,” said Dana Lee, Principal of La Cueva High School.

The estimated cost of the damages is about $46,000. Both brothers are in the juvenile jail, looking at burglary and vandalism charges.

APS says the brothers could also be suspended for the rest of the school year.

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