Man catches purse snatcher on camera

Blue Car

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – A man fed up with crime in Albuquerque saw the aftermath of a purse snatching. He ended up catching the culprit on camera.

“This was broad daylight on a Sunday afternoon. What an idiot to think he could get away with something like that,” the man said.

He doesn’t want his name revealed, but Sunday, while looking out the window at Chili’s, he saw the criminal in action.

“Saw a guy running across the parking lot with a purse in a hand,” he said.

That thief yanked the purse off the arm of a woman at the Walgreens on Central and Eubank. It’s the same location where Officer Daniel Webster was gunned down.

“I’m so sick of the crime in Albuquerque,” he said.

The man chased the bandit first on foot and later in his SUV, which is equipped with a dash-cam.

“They saw we were following, so he started throwing stuff out of the window,” he said. The purse snatcher left in a blue getaway car.

“I got his face. I got the getaway vehicle,” he said.

He turned his video over to APD. Detectives said they will use the pictures to find the suspect.

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