Inmate tries to withdraw guilty plea, says he was high on LSD

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – He’s been called the “worst of the worst,” and the U.S. Attorney’s Office said his latest move is just another attempt to manipulate the system.

Chris Blattner, linked to two killings, shooting at police and drug dealing, is now trying to take back a guilty plea.

Blattner took a plea deal last year for the 2007 murder of a drug dealer, for shooting at police in 2012 when they went to arrest him for that murder and for the death of Kathy Paquin, his neighbor who disappeared three years ago.

“Her remains are still have not been found and this requires Mr. Blattner to provide details on how she died and where she is now,” said Deputy District Attorney David Waymire in April 2014.

However, Blattner has not given those details as he deals with federal gun charges now, tied to buying guns from an APD officer’s wife, Elizabeth Taylor.

Blattner pleaded guilty seven months ago to the charges that could come with a 30-year sentence.

However, about week out from sentencing, Blattner’s attorney filed a motion to withdraw the guilty plea.

This was after a motion to continue his November 17 sentencing.

Blattner said his guilty plea was “invalid,” claiming he was high on LSD at the time. In fact, Blattner said “he’s high often while incarcerated.”

Not on Tuesday though, Blattner told a judge in Federal Court. He said he has been clean for two days. The U.S. Attorney’s Office is not convinced.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Presiliano Torrez said in court on Tuesday that this is just another effort by Blattner to manipulate the system.

Withdrawing his plea means delaying his sentencing.

A judge on Tuesday set a hearing for Monday, November 23, to determine if Blattner was actually high when pleading guilty. His sentencing has been pushed back to Tuesday, December 8.

Blattner is already serving a 28-year prison sentence from the plea deal in District Court last year.

In a separate case, the APD officer’s wife, Taylor, was charged for lying on paperwork to buy guns that she peddled to Blattner.

Court documents show she took a plea deal that did not include jail time.

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