Former city worker accused of calling employees ‘fat’ fights for her job

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – A supervisor with the city’s Animal Welfare Department is fighting to get her job back after she was fired and accused of making offensive comments about overweight people, Mexicans and lesbians.

Brenda Alberts has worked with the department since 2003.

According to city documents, the animal welfare officer was promoted to a supervisor position two years ago. Soon after, complaints about Alberts’ behavior at work started coming in.

One employee claims Alberts called her “fat.” Another complaint claims Alberts called someone “a greasy Mexican,” and told another employee that “she was going to hell because of her sexual orientation.”

Alberts union rep said these claims are not true.

According to the city, it hired a third party to investigate those claims. After the investigation, the city fired Alberts.

Alberts appealed the city’s decisions to let her go. A hearing officer sided with her, saying termination was “too harsh” and recommended the city take her back. The city’s personnel board agreed and recommended a 60-day suspension.

According to Alberts’ union rep, after the board made its recommendation, the city told her she could return to work but in a different position. That’s when her rep said Alberts contacted the city and offered to take a settlement instead.

The city then offered Alberts $35,000 last month and she took the deal.

But now Alberts has switched gears. Her union rep said she wants her job back or a higher settlement.

So the city has asked the personnel board to decide at its next meeting if Alberts should be stuck with that deal.

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