Animal Humane takes on ‘no kill’ label

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – A small group turned out Saturday to watch a movie on the ‘no kill’ revolution and listen to Nathan Winograd, the man who created it.

“The no kill philosophy is basically saving all healthy and treatable animals that enter the shelter system,” Melissa Roberts, executive director of New Mexico Pets Alive, explained.

One of New Mexico’s most recognized shelters says the label ‘no kill’ is misleading.

“Every shelter, every rescue group, every sanctuary from time to time is faced with the need to euthanize a pet if it’s in distress, if it’s behaviorally unsafe, so let’s be honest,”
Animal Humane New Mexico Executive Director Peggy Weigle said.

Weigle blasted out a newsletter using email and social media just a day before the movie screening. In it, she wrote that no kill oversimplifies the difficult decisions shelters have to make daily, and that’s why they call it the ‘humane equation.’

It’s basically the same formula.  Animal Humane has dropped its euthanasia rate by 65 percent over the past seven years, and has a live release rate of 92 percent. Weigle says using the label humane equation encourages cooperation with shelters and groups that don’t fall under no kill.

“If they haven’t gotten to the point where they have a 90 percent release rate, we shouldn’t be criticizing them. We should be helping them. That’s why we’re in favor of the humane equation,” Weigle said.

Animal Humane’s Project Fetch rescues animals, who may otherwise be set to be euthanized, from shelters around the state.

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