Mayor explains vetoes in YouTube video

Mayor explains vetoes in YouTube video

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – Video surfaced a day before Albuquerque’s mayor vetoed a package of proposals allowing voters to decide on two issues directly linked to the Albuquerque Police Department or the Department of Justice report.

The proposal included five issues councilors wanted to put on the ballot for the November general election.

One would have allowed voters to decided if the City Council would have a say over APD’s chief position. Another proposal would allow voters to decide on a proposed tax hike that would help fund services for the homeless and mentally ill.

The mayor said in a YouTube video that tax hike and another proposal to decriminalize possession of pot were the reasons he vetoed the whole package.

“There were measures added that I in good conscience cannot sign including flying in the face of federal and state law pertaining to the decriminalization of possession of an illegal drug, and also raising taxes on citizens without a clear and concise plan,” said Berry.

The City Council could override the mayor’s veto, but it’s unlikely there’s enough votes to do that.


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