Police catch 2 suspected car thieves

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – Officers have arrested two suspected vehicle thieves, one of which has been arrested three times this year for allegedly stealing cars.

On Wednesday, officers were able to locate a stolen Dodge Ram truck using a GPS monitoring system. When they arrived in the area, the driver began driving recklessly to avoid officers. An Air Support Unit followed the truck which was allegedly being driven by suspect Emily Pena.

Eventually, police say they saw suspect Jeremy Chavez retrieve a motorcycle and follow Pena to a U-Pull-It salvage yard on Broadway in Albuquerque.

Chavez and Pena were both arrested without incident. The motorcycle was also stolen, police said.

This is the third time Chavez has been arrested and accused of stealing cars in the last year, according to police, and Pena also has an significant arrest history that involves receiving and transferring vehicles.

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