Momma bear, cub found near Santa Fe elementary

SANTA FE (KRQE) – A mother bear and her cub were relocated Friday after taking refuge in a tree a few blocks from an elementary school in Santa Fe.

Parents driving their children to school Friday morning were advised to avoid the area all together while the department moved in.

New Mexico Game and Fish moved in to tranquilize the pair in order to move them to a safer location. The 160-pound mother and her 75-pound cub had set up home near Atalaya Elementary.

This spring she had two cubs with her and all three were captured near downtown Santa Fe. In July, the same female and one cub was captured in San Isidro.

They were relocated near Grants, which means they made about a 100 mile journey back to Santa Fe Friday.
Game and Fish says they will be relocated the Gila this time.

Officials want to remind people to never feed bears and to remember to take pet food and bird feeders indoors overnight. They want to discourage the bears from coming into neighborhoods.

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