Firefighters rescue poodle from bathtub

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – You’ve heard of firefighters rescuing cats from trees, but poodles from bathtubs?

A poodle’s paw was stuck in a bathtub drain for hours, and you might be surprised to see what firefighters had to do before they finally got her out.

The way Morita the poodle ran around on Friday, you’d never know she just had a dramatic rescue overnight Saturday.

Selene Ortega, 12, said she was giving Morita a bath at her northeast Albuquerque home that night when something went wrong.

“I tried picking her up and she kind of like, screamed,” Ortega said. “I checked what was going on and her foot was stuck in there.”

It got stuck in the bathtub drain.

“I was a bit scared because she was yelling,” Ortega said.

When Ortega and her family couldn’t get Morita out, they called for help.

However, with such an unusual problem, it was tough finding the right person for the job.

“I had to call several places because I called the vet and they told me to call the plumber and the plumber told me to call housing and housing told me to call 911,” Ortega said. 911 dispatched Animal Welfare, which then had to call in the Albuquerque Fire Department.

“First, they were trying to get her foot out of there with lotion and shampoo, oil and stuff like that,” Ortega said.

Then, the last resort: Firefighters had to cut open the bathtub, sending Morita and the drain to a vet, who eventually removed it.

A strange case but not totally unheard of, Animal Welfare said.

“We have been called before when people are walking out in playgrounds and there’s a grate there and the dog slipped right into that,” said Desiree Cawley, a spokesperson for Animal Welfare.

Ortega said Morita didn’t break anything and is just recovering from the swelling.

“She is doing good,” she said. “I guess she has to be taking pills for the pain.”

Now, the family is working on getting their bathtub replaced.

It is unclear how much that will end up costing.

Animal Welfare said pet owners should use drain covers to prevent situations like this.

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