Air Force major returns to court for murder

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – Amy Herrera, the Air Force major accused of killing her husband, is back in court Tuesday.

A judge is deciding if there’s enough evidence against her to take the case to trial.

Major Marc Herrera died from a gunshot to the head in July 2012. The state believes Herrera shot him and she should be tried for murder.

Herrera claims her husband forced her to shoot. Monday one of the first APD officers who arrived on scene testified.

Officer David Kisser says when he questioned Amy Herrera, she told him she was throwing a party with her husband for their exchange student.

She said both were drinking and at some point, Marc got his gun out and threatened a student. Amy claims she tried to talk her husband down but they argued and Amy claims that’s when her husband put the gun in his own mouth, wrapped her hand around his and pulled the trigger.

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