Head of charter schools resigns amid investigations

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – The head of a group of Albuquerque’s top charter schools resigned Thursday, a day before upperclassmen return to school. There are questions about how that administrator is making his money, and the state and feds are looking for answers.

Scott Glasrud, the head of Southwest Learning Center and SAMS Academy, submitted a letter of resignation to the public charter schools’ governing councils Thursday. The councils unanimously approved the resignation, after spending nearly three hours behind closed doors.

Glasrud was put on paid administrative leave last week.

The state auditor recently released a 24-page report raising red flags about how Glasrud himself could be profiting from the charter schools. The report says the schools paid more than a million dollars over six years to rent planes from a company owned by Glasrud. It also questions why the schools lease a building from Glasrud’s own company, and his nearly quarter-million dollar salary and benefit package.

The FBI has also confirmed it’s investigating the schools. Sources told News 13 the federal investigation surrounds fraud and embezzlement allegations involving state and federal dollars.

The schools’ attorney said Glasrud’s resignation was immediate.

Glasrud’s attorney declined to comment Thursday.

The state Public Education Commission is supposed to discuss the audit at its meeting Tuesday. That commission has the power to revoke or suspend charters, but there’s no indication that will happen in this case.

Dr. Scott Glasrud Resignation Letter

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