Witnesses recount NE ABQ shooting

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – The area where Friday’s shooting occurred is in a very busy part of the city. There were several witnesses at the scene and one says he even caught a car speeding away on video with his dashcam.

The man who gave News 13 that video works nearby and has also given it to police but police aren’t saying if this is the car they’re looking for yet.

In the video you can see the witness’ car turn on Candelaria when a black car speeds right past him on the right side.

The vehicle then jumps past cars and takes off in the turn lane. The man who shot this video said he could hear the driver’s engine racing.

Witnesses say they heard tons of gunshots right before.

“I heard one single shot and a second later four in rapid succession and then between 10 and 30 seconds I heard 14 more,” Terry Buster said.

All those gunshots were coming from a property behind Buster’s shop, a property belongs to a car cleaning shop called Complete Mobile Detailing.

Buster thinks whoever was shooting had a gun carrying a lot of ammunition but he didn’t see anyone.

A nearby shop owner who didn’t want to go on camera told News 13 that he saw a black car shooting at a green car. The witness said that he saw the black car circling around the shop and at one point appeared to shoot inside of an open garage.

Daniel Liddick says he’s related to a few of the victims. He told News 13 he made a call to his dad right before the incident, then called back when the shooting was taking place.

APD says no one else was hurt in the shooting besides the four people at the auto detailing shop.

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