Investigation complete on former APS chief

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – The Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department released its investigation into former APS Police Chief Steve Tellez Thursday. He’s accused of taking ammunition from the district.

BCSO began to investigate the case back in March after ammunition went missing from APS Police Department’s store room.

This all started in July 2012 when an APS police administrative supervisor says she accidentally ordered 1,000 rounds of ammo the department didn’t use. Tellez said he could use it and offered to buy the bullets.

Tellez was not allowed to purchase the ammo as it is against department policy because Tellez could make a profit from the ammo since the department bought it at a lower price than the public gets it for.

However, the department never returned the ammo to the company.

Tellez asked another administrator if he could have it for a firearms course he was taking. He was eventually authorized to take it but investigators found that course he took did not require ammo.

When investigators searched Tellez’s home, they found ammo matching the caliber that went missing, but they couldn’t be sure it was the same boxes taken from the store room.

According to the report, investigators couldn’t find anyone else with a motive to take the ammo.

The case has been sent to the DA’s office for a possible prosecution.

Tellez was fired from APS in March, and Steve Gallegos was given the top job in May.

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