Carlsbad skate park closed after vandals strike

CARLSBAD, N.M. (KRQE) – On any given day the City of Carlsbad’s only skate park is packed with kids, but Thursday it was empty. The park’s gate was locked shut and signs reading closed indefinitely had been posted.

Police say vandals cut the park’s fence Monday night and tagged its ramps, walls and stairs with spray painted curse words and graphic photos.

“The ones who did this don’t realize how bad it is because it has stopped the kids from using the park,” said Carlsbad Recreation Attendant Sarah Carbajal.

Kids like 8-year-old Christian who comes to the recreation center specifically to skate.

“I really wish I could skate, but I can’t because it’s closed,” said Christian.

Carbajal says the closure has been tough on the kids.

“It’s sad to see that because its one of the only things that keeps the kids out of trouble and they can’t use it now,” said Carbajal.

That’s why the city is stepping in. They’re offering a cash reward to anyone with information regarding the vandalism.

“The city wants to keep everything for the kids open and make it safe and try to keep all this stuff away,” said Carbajal.

Normally the city would paint over graffiti the next day, but they say in this case the clean up could take weeks.

That’s because they can’t use just any paint to clean it up.

“We’re concerned if they put paint on it, it can make it slick, so we have to figure out how it will be cleaned so we’re not sure,” said Carbajal.

So, while the city works to find a cleaning solution the park will remain closed.

The skate park does have security cameras, but officials say they weren’t working the day the vandals broke in.

The city wouldn’t tell News 13 how much money it’s is offering as part of the reward.

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