NY leaders upset over Las Cruces strip club

LAS CRUCES (KRQE) – A controversial New Mexico strip club now has people in New York upset. “The Bronx,” is the name of a new strip club coming to Las Cruces.

Some residents have been fighting against the night club coming to their city for the past two years. Now, New Yorkers have a problem with it too.

“As a community leader, it is offensive because if someone were to use the name of your town in a negative way in another state, well, you would be up in arms too,” said Pastor Reggie Stutzman of Real Life Church in the Bronx.

He said the borough has a bad rap.

“It is not what everyone thinks. Communities are vibrant, excellent people, things are happening,” Stutzman said.

He said he’s been working to get rid of strip clubs in the Bronx, even holding a service outside one strip club he’s trying to raise money to take over in hopes of turning it into a church instead.

Pastor Stutzman is not the only one chiming in. A New York Daily News article shows one community leader in the Bronx called it, “insulting,” while another called it, “despicable.” They said it’s an attempt to cash in on the negative stereotypes they’ve been working to change in the Bronx.

“This is like totally taking five steps back when we’ve just been trying to take one step at a time ahead in our borough,” Stutzman said.

The Las Cruces strip club owner did not return KRQE’s call for comment.

He told the New York Daily News there was no “particular reason” behind the night club name.

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