NM woman’s prosthetic leg stolen

CARLSBAD (KRQE) – It’s useless to anyone else, but one New Mexico woman said she depends on what thieves took from her over the weekend. Someone smashed her SUV window, grabbed some suitcases and took off with her prosthetic leg.

Mary Alice London of Carlsbad flew to Lansing, Michigan two weeks ago to the Hanger Clinic where she was getting a new prosthetic leg.

London said she was born with many handicaps and has needed an artificial left leg her whole life.

After a successful trip, she was spending the night in a Lubbock hotel Friday on her way back to New Mexico. That is when things took a turn for the worse.

“The next morning I got a call that our car had been broken into,” London said.

Police took down a report. Someone smashed two windows to get into her SUV, stealing two suitcases. One held a prosthetic leg that she needs to shower.

“I have one for shower purposes because the one that I use to walk can’t get wet and so it’s a specially made prosthesis specifically made for showers,” she said.

London said it cost more than $7,000 when she bought it four years ago and now can cost closer to $10,000.

“I guess the thieves have no conscience,” London said.

She is working on trying to figure out if her insurance will cover any of the cost to replace it and said, she’s appalled.

“When it is something like a prosthetic that a person depends on, I just can’t imagine… I mean, I just can’t imagine… it’s hard for me to understand,” London said.

London said, for the time being, she is using an old prosthetic leg that doesn’t quite fit anymore to shower.

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