Families of murder victims meet at crime scene

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – Two families, one common bond. On Saturday, the families of the men who lived on the streets of Albuquerque, brutally beaten to death, met for the first time at the scene of the crime.

Family members of Allison Gorman and Kee Thomspon laid eyes on the home of their loved ones alleged murderers.

“We feel that we needed to come out here. We needed to see where all of this had happened,” says Allison Gorman’s older sister, Alberta Gorman.

It was a painful trip for the two grieving families and the first time they’d seen the spot near 60th and Central where police say Allison and Kee were beaten to death by three teenagers.

They say they came for closure, to pray and to remember the two men.

“Allison was a very wonderful, kind man. He was humble and he was very athletic,” recounts Alberta.

Kee’s mother, Louise Yazzie, said, “Kee was a real nice person. He loves everybody, even people that he don’t know, he loves them. He calls them my brothers and sisters.”

The families are angry. They still struggle to understand why their loved ones lives were taken so brutally and seemingly, without reason.

“I just can’t believe these young kids, even as young as they are, they did something so bad, so brutal to my brother and his friend Kee,” says Allison’s eldest sister Elberta Holt.

Yet, through prayer and conversation, they find strength through one another.

“They’re our family now,” says Alberta.

Once just another empty lot, the families hope the spot near 60th and Central will be a place people always remember Allison Gorman and Kee Thompson.

Gorman’s family says Allison wasn’t homeless. He was in Albuquerque looking for work but lived with his parents out of town.

Thompson’s family says they believe this crime was against homeless people and stress that homeless people have families who love them, too.

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