John’s Thursday Afternoon Forecast

Today central and western New Mexico will be favored for showers and storms. A few storms will be possible across the east, but cooler temperatures and a worked over atmosphere will limit how much action is seen in this part of the state. Meanwhile, the focus shifts to central and western New Mexico where daytime heating and ample moisture will combine for more showers and storms.

Albuquerque currently sits at 3.41″ of rainfall for the month of July. If Albuquerque gets a heavy shower over the city (or more specifically the Sunport), we could eclipse 4.00″ of rainfall in a single month for the first time since July 1930. We were close last September when we hit 3.97″.

Regardless of how July ends, August will begin with more showers and storms across the state as we recycle moisture from our latest cold front. Those storms continue into the weekend. However, high pressure starts to move back over the state over the weekend as well. So, expect decreasing storm coverage with each passing day through early next week. The higher terrain will continue to be favored for storms. Our next round of moisture appears to edge into the northeast toward the middle of next week.

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