School bus drivers attend media training

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE)- More than 400 APS bus drivers went through a first-of-its-kind training Wednesday morning, learning how to handle students and parents in sticky situations. The goal: avoid making the evening news.

School starts back up soon, which means hundreds of school buses will be shuttling about 40,000 students a day to and from Albuquerque schools.

“You have this many buses, you transport this many students, there are going to be glitches from time to time,” APS spokeswoman Monica Armenta said.

Armenta says they decided to hold media training for bus drivers to encourage accurate and fast reporting when such glitches, or when major incidents, occur. They also emphasized how important it is to keep all interactions with children and parents professional in an age where most everyone has a smart phone.

“Accuracy is huge for a school district. It impacts our image, it impacts the self-image of our students and our staff, and we can’t afford for there to be any mistakes,” Armenta said.

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