Pearce addresses immigration crisis on C-SPAN

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – New Mexico Congressman Steve Pearce talked on C-SPAN on Wednesday about the illegal immigration crisis.

For weeks, thousands of undocumented immigrants have been housed in southern border states like New Mexico, Arizona and Texas, and it’s become a hot-button issue.

A recent poll shows a majority of Americans don’t agree with what’s happening or the actions taken by the Obama administration. Pearce says there’s a better way.

“When I talk immigration law in New Mexico, I say there are three things we need to secure the border,” said Pearce. “Otherwise, we have a dynamic problem every day. After we secure the border, we absolutely need to reform legal immigration cause it takes up to 20 years to get to come here legally to be a citizen. I think we can do it faster and smoother, and finally, once we do that, we can address the people who are already here.”

Meanwhile in Washington, a bill to deal with the immigration crisis looks like it could be shot down.

It looks like it doesn’t have enough support to pass even with millions of dollars to fight wildfires and help Israel attached to it.

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