Lobo lineman arrested, suspended

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – A third UNM football player has been suspended after the offensive lineman was arrested Monday night for breaking into his ex-girlfriend’s apartment.

University of New Mexico Head Football Coach Bob Davie said it’s another embarrassment for his team when he made the announcement on Tuesday.

“Jamal Price was arrested last night, we’re still in the process of getting our arms around that,” Davie said.

Jamal Price is number 77 with the UNM football team. He is now charged with breaking and entering.

According to a criminal complaint, the six-foot-six offensive lineman and a friend broke into Price’s ex-girlfriends apartment Monday.

The victim told officers she and Price had broken up and he wanted his Apple TV back. She said Price and a friend, UNM student Morgan Redmond, showed up at her apartment and began banging on her door.

Police said Redmond broke in through the balcony door of the second floor apartment near Yale and Gold.

The victim said Redmond started punching her so she tried to fight him off by punching him back and hitting him with a ruler and a pot.

Police said Price came into the apartment and went straight for the bedroom. The victim said she tried to hug the lineman to calm him down but he pushed her to the floor.

Police arrived and arrested both men.

Tuesday, Coach Davie announced Price has been suspended.

“You guys know me better than this; that I’m not minimizing the fact that we’ve had three kids arrested,” David said. “That’s embarrassing what its cost this program all of that.”

The other two players Davie is talking about are Saqwan Edwards and Crusoe Gongbay. They were both accused of raping a student in April.

The District Attorney dismissed the charges against both but said they could be re-filed. They’re both still suspended from the team.

There is no word on how long the three players will be suspended.

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