Roswell, Raton, Santa Fe get inches of rain

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – Albuquerque has seen a lot of wet weather the last few days, and throughout the state, the rain has broken some records.

The graphic below shows precipitation throughout the state for the last 48 hours. In Albuquerque, the amount was taken at the Sunport. Throughout the metro, certain areas saw more or less rain than the graphic portrays.

As for today, morning clouds brought more rain and storms which will be present throughout the state this afternoon and evening. Throughout the state, we’ll have the potential for slow moving storms which could lead to heavy rain, isolated flooding and flash flooding

Over the next few days, the rain and storm chance doesn’t budge much. We’ll have a chance for isolated to scattered storms each day as we head into the weekend.

KRQE meteorologist John Smith will have more on the weather at noon.

48 Precip

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