Heavy rain hits Roswell flooding streets, homes

ROSWELL, N.M. (KRQE) – The typically dry and hot southeastern New Mexico was anything but that Tuesday.

Since Monday night, about three inches of rain has soaked the area, flooding streets and homes.

“We never had this much water,” said Martha Navarrette.

Navarrette’s home was flooded early Tuesday morning.

It’s the second time this summer.

The first happened in late May when more than four-inches of rain washed out parts of the city.

“The water was about two inches running over the floor,” said Navarrette.

Tuesday, Navarrette’s family, like many others in town, set up sandbags to keep the water from flowing back inside.

Between 10 p.m. and midnight Monday more than two inches of rain fell in Roswell.

“The street is like a river, like a lake,” said Josephine Salazar.

Salazar has lived in Roswell since the 1970’s.

She says this summer’s flooding is one of the worst she’s ever seen.

“We get pretty rains, real slow and everything, but never like this,” said Navarrette.

In fact, Monday’s nearly 2.5 inches of rain shattered the previous record of 1.70 inches set back in 1929.

Residents say they’re grateful for the rain, but not all of it.

“We needed the water, but not this much,” said Salazar.

The city has free sandbags at the Roswell Street Department office.

Officials say they will be out checking road conditions throughout the night.

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