Neighborhood fed up with unfilled holes

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – It’s safe to say no one wants a work crew to come out to their neighborhood, dig up a huge hole in their street and then just leave it for weeks.

On Friday, KRQE News 13 told you about some Albuquerque residents concerned with a hole across from an elementary school, a big hazard that had been sitting there, open for weeks, after Water Authority crews worked on a broken water main.

The Water Authority told News 13 someone dropped the ball and that they’d send an emergency crew to fill up the hole Saturday morning.

Instead, neighbors saw two additional sections of the street torn up and the original hole remained unfilled.

The Water Authority says when they arrived on site Saturday morning, they discovered more issues with the water line.

“When they went to look at the issue and determined there some other leaks in the area, it just made more sense to take care of the refill all at once, rather than bringing out trucks just to do the one,” said David Morris, spokesperson for the Water Authority.

Neighbors said they had enough.

“It’s very hard for the whole neighborhood for the kids, for the drivers, for the whole safety of the neighborhood. It’s very dangerous,” said Claudia De La Cruz. “The streets are blocked, the kids cannot ride their bikes because it’s dangerous.”

News 13 called again Monday afternoon and that’s when we started to see people from the Water Authority show up on site.

After 5:00 p.m., crews started filling up the holes.

“I am told that the holes, all of the holes, are being filled in tonight,” Morris said. “With luck, the repaving will happen tomorrow.”

Neighbors we spoke with said this water main has caused problems on this street off and on for a few months.

The Water Authority says this street has an aging water main and that they’re taking a patchwork approach to fixing it as it breaks.

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