Men in Jack in the Box arrest face child abuse charges

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – The Albuquerque father busted at a fast food drive-thru window with guns and his baby in his lap faced a judge Sunday along with his friend, who was driving.

Colin Decker and Mark Cropper were in court on charges related to a bizarre arrest.

The manager of an Albuquerque Jack in the Box told police the two were at the drive-thru when workers saw an assault rifle on cropper’s lap.

Decker was in the passenger seat holding his 8-month-old son.

Officers arrived and say the two were drunk.

A criminal complaint states Decker’s son had an extremely dirty diaper and he couldn’t remember the last time the baby had eaten. Both men were charged with child abuse.

Judge Henry Alaniz told Decker he is not allowed to possess firearms or other dangerous weapons, and he is not allowed contact with the victim.

Officers at the scene pulled their money together and bought diapers and food for the baby, who is now in state custody.

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