John’s Tuesday Afternoon Forecast

Expect slightly better coverage of showers and storms this afternoon. The high that’s been limiting storm production the past several days will slide in Colorado. This will allow the moisture door to crack open from the south. The higher terrain will continue to be the favored areas for storm development. We continue to see some moisture find it’s way into the state Wednesday.

Thursday the high slides back into New Mexico. This will cut off our moisture tap, causing storm coverage to decrease. Storms that develop will do so from what little moisture that’s left over from the previous days. By Friday and the weekend only isolated storms will be possible, primarily over the higher terrain. With drier air in place, temperatures will warm up into the weekend as well.

The high shifts back into Arizona early next week. This will get us back into a pattern where back door cold fronts are able to enter the state. As we’ve seen in recent weeks, these cold fronts will charge the atmosphere with plenty of moisture to allow for scattered heavy rain. As we approach late July, still no sign of the traditional monsoon setup.

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