String of showers ups flooding fears

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – Seven days, seven straight rain showers in the metro area.

It’s just what we need, but there can be too much of a good thing.

That was evident on the outskirts of Rio Rancho where the rains washed away parts of Northern Boulevard and a red Mustang.

Meanwhile in Albuquerque itself the rain was heavy, barely shy of an inch near Eubank and Academy, but it didn’t wreak nearly as much havoc.

“Our facilities are made for a 100 year event which is a lot of rain,” said AMAFCA executive engineer Jerry Lovato.

Lovato says AMAFCA crews were out Tuesday clearing debris from the flood channels, preparing in case another storm does hit the city in the coming days.

With all of the steady rain so far, there’s concern the ground is starting to saturate, upping the future flooding risk a bit.

“It does allow runoff for the next rain event to run off a little faster so that is a little bit of a concern, but it’s not a big concern for everyone,” Lovato said.

So far, Albuquerque has received about three quarters of the rain it would typically get for the whole month of July.

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