Gay Christian student expelled after ABQ wedding

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – The honeymoon had just wrapped up and she came home to devastating news. A letter, saying she had been expelled from her Christian university, because of her marriage that took place here in Albuquerque.

It was the day 22-year-old Christian Minard had been waiting for, marrying her girlfriend in Albuquerque on March 17.

Same-sex marriage isn’t recognized in her home state of Oklahoma.

The couple’s wedding pictures, portraying that much anticipated day, now making for some bad news.

“I had just gotten back from our honeymoon and went to my parents’ house and had received a letter from my school,” Minard said.

The letter said she had been expelled.

Minard, who is just one semester away from graduating from Southwestern Christian University in Bethany, Oklahoma, says she was crushed.

“The letter was pretty degrading,” Minard said. “Everything just came to a screeching halt really fast.”

Before enrolling with the school, Minard signed what’s called a “lifestyle covenant.”

“The ‘lifestyle covenant’ just basically says everything you can and can’t do.”

Some of the “don’ts” include smoking, drinking, cheating – and “homosexual behavior.”

“I just kept my personal life separate from my university life,” Minard said.

Minard says someone tipped off the school’s dean about her wedding pictures which were on Facebook. She feels as though she’s being targeted.

“Even though I signed (the lifestyle covenant), so have hundreds of other kids and there are rules that are being broken every single day,” Minard said.

Now, Minard says she’s weighing her options by consulting family and friends. She says she’s still upset and never stood a chance.

“I wasn’t even asked,” Minard said. “I wasn’t even confronted. I wasn’t allowed to share my side of the story.”

Minard, who was studying for a sports management major, says transferring her credits to a public university will be the next challenge. She says coming from a religious university, most won’t transfer, meaning she’ll have a few more years left of school.

Minard says when New Mexico legalized same-sex marriage, she was ecstatic. She says she visited the state often growing up.

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