Lawmakers discuss future of film in NM

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – The governor’s administration outlined a long-term plan to fix the state’s troubled economy, with a big focus on film and emerging media, at the Legislature’s Economic and Rural Development Committee meeting Wednesday.

The director of the New Mexico Film Office, Nick Maniatis, told lawmakers the film industry is alive and well. A handful of movies and five television series are all in production in New Mexico right now.

Maniatis said the so-called “Breaking Bad” law, which bumped the tax credit given to television series that film here, is working and putting New Mexicans to work.

“A lot of crew members get to work, and they get to work for a long time,” Maniatis said. “Then we have films that come in and supplement that, it just works out great.”

Now the state hopes to expand on this success by increasing the number of production companies and expanding production support in state.

The state also plans to tap into a new field, emerging media.

Maniatis said he’s focused largely on games and apps, which can be used for entertainment, education and research, and that emerging media is eligible for the same incentives as movies. He also said they plan to bring in a contractor to actively recruit emerging media companies.

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