2 accused of breaking into ‘crime magnet’ home

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – A Fourth of July crime spree has landed a Rio Rancho man and his girlfriend behind bars.

In just a few hours worth of time, he caused a lot of headache.

For neighbors in one part of the city, it’s a headache they can’t seem to shake.

When police say Sean McMurray and Melissa Schink busted into a northeast Albuquerque home, some neighbors say they were not surprised. They call the house on James Avenue and Wyoming a crime magnet.

According to a criminal complaint, McMurray broke into the home. Soon after, neighbors called cops saying a few more people showed up.

That’s when police say Schink, McMurray’s girlfriend, told them they were packing up the house for a man they knew for $50 an hour. Police say things didn’t add up considering Schink told them the house was “disgusting” inside.

Around the neighborhood, concern over the vacant property is growing. One man says this is at least the sixth time the home’s been broken into in the past three months.

“I have two young boys and we’re a little scared about having those kind of people around our neighborhood all of the time with our kids,” he said.

With McMurray in custody, it was later determined he was behind a motorcycle jacking near Central and San Mateo. The owner of the motorcycle identified McMurray, who he says took the bike at gunpoint.

Neighbors say the home is owned by an elderly woman who has trouble caring for it. They say they do their best to help when they can.

McMurray is facing a long list of felony charges. Schink is facing charges of breaking and entering.

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