Shoe may have caused driver to drive into ABQ shoe store

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – Fourth of July shoppers got a big surprise Friday when a car came crashing into a shoe store.

And for the irony of all ironies, that crash may have been caused by a problem with the driver’s shoe.

It started out as a normal day at Shoes on a Shoestring at Cottonwood Mall.

“All the sudden, we heard a banging noise. It sounded like a bomb to be quite honest and I turned around and there was a car halfway in half of our building,” said Shoes on a Shoestring employee Julia Janssens.

A car crashed right into the store, scaring customers and workers.

One employee was nearly hit.

Others heard the driver screaming and raced into action and ran outside to see what happened.

The driver and passengers were transported to a local hospital.

There’s no word on their condition, and nobody in the store was hurt.

Witnesses overheard the driver telling AFD her shoelace got caught on the accelerator after leaving the store.

There’s no word on if that was the actual cause of the crash.

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