New home sought for Search and Rescue dog

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – She’s only 5, but one dog looking for a new home might as well have a Ph.D.

Kimmy was recently surrendered by her owner to Animal Humane.

She was trained as a Search and Rescue dog, is certified to help with PTSD and mobility problems, and worked as a companion dog for an Iraq war veteran.

Animal Humane says this talented doggie could use a new home – one where she can use all that training.

“She has so much skill and if she’s not doing what she’s taught then she won’t thrive in that home,” said Trevor Driggs of Animal Humane New Mexico.

Kimmy could be a companion dog but Animal Humane recommends an adult-only home for her – one where she’ll have a job to keep her busy.

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