Obscene, racist graffiti at children’s playground

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – It took lots of spraying, scrubbing and painting to cover up the obscene and hateful graffiti that covered the playground at Paradise Skies Park near Unser and Irving.

That after graffiti shocked and disturbed the Northwest Albuquerque neighborhood over the weekend.

It showed giant images of genitalia and threatening messages about killing Filipinos and killing African-Americans, using the “n-word.”

“That is horrible,” said Sabrina Vale. “That’s really bad—a disgrace they’re coming out here and doing that. I wouldn’t want my kids to see that.”

“It makes me not want to take my kids over there anymore, especially with the ‘666,’” said Kim Munson. “Kind of makes me want to cry. It’s kind of intense.”

The city said someone reported it Saturday, Sunday and again Monday morning.

When KRQE News 13 got to the park Monday afternoon, most of it had been painted over.

Neighbors said there have been other instances also raising eyebrows. One man said his truck was egged a few weeks ago and, a few weeks before that, similar graffiti showed up on the garage next door to Munson.

“I got home and saw it and it was quite shocking,” she said. “I just felt really bad.”

It has been cleaned as best as possible, but it’s still a reminder for neighbors to be on the lookout.

“It definitely makes you more cautious. Just be aware of your surroundings,” Munson said.

Albuquerque Police said its gang unit is investigating the park graffiti.

If someone is arrested for the vandalism, the suspect could also be charged with a hate crime.

The city said it hasn’t gotten any other reports of graffiti at Paradise Skies Park this year.

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