Video: Morning News June 19,2014

The national talker still today? The name of the Washington Redskins. The patent office is pulling the federal trademark from the team. Some say it’s a step toward getting the football team to change its name.

Put down your breakfast for just a second here because you won’t believe what a woman in Albuquerque found in her bag of Lays potato chips. A mouse. Maria Sanchez says she and her son both ate a chip before they realized something wasn’t right. She says she’s getting a lawyer now.

The story everyone is looking at on involves a former city bus driver and what he did on the job that was caught on camera. Alex Gonzales is off the job after surveillance video caught him in a sex act with a passenger. ABQ Ride says a tip led them to the video.

The wildfire on the Navajo Nation is getting even bigger this morning. It’s burned more than 13,000 acres and is only 5 percent contained. On Wednesday, firefighters were finally able to use helicopters and planes. They should be able to do that again Thursday.

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