Roswell mayor lifts animal rescue adoption ban

ROSWELL, NM. (KRQE) – In three days 27 shelter dogs have been euthanized in Roswell because of a ban prohibiting New Mexico animal rescues from adopting the pets.

It was all in response to the mauling of a little boy by three escaped rescue dogs.

Tuesday, Roswell Mayor Dennis Kintigh announced rescue groups can adopt from the Roswell shelter again as long as they give proof they’re a non-profit and sign an agreement with the city.

“It commits to humane treatment and responsibility and full inspection of their facilities,” said Mayor Kintigh.

The agreement would allow city officials to inspect the rescue facility anytime and anywhere. The new policy comes less than a week after 9-year-old Colby Prince was attacked by three dogs who escaped from a local rescue.

According to the Mayor, investigators found the rescue, Doggy Saviors, in deplorable conditions.

Newly released photos of the rescue show piles of feces and broken animal cages.

“We put this suspension in place because we did not know who to trust,” said Kintigh.

During the Mayor’s three day ban 27 animals were euthanized.

In the last year, animal control siad they didn’t have to kill any.

Kintigh said the ban was not to intentionally take any pets lives, but to figure out who these rescues are and what exactly they’re doing with the animals they adopt.

“The City of Roswell alone is estimated to return 2 to 3,000 dogs to rescue groups. Where do they go and what happens to them?” said Kintigh.

He said Doggie Saviors is still not allowed to adopt animals from animal control because they haven’t agreed to the new adoption policy.

The operator of the animal rescue has still not been charged for the dog attack.

Investigators said the owner could face animal cruelty charges.

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