Video of firefighters rescuing kittens goes viral

CLOVIS, N.M. (KRQE) – What do you get when some New Mexico firefighters rescue two kittens while a camera is rolling? A viral video.

It happened in Clovis Monday after the 8-week-old cats got stuck in a storm drain at a movie theater.

Witness Sarah Elswick filmed the moments as fire fighters pulled the animals to safety.

“I put it on Facebook for my friends to see and then it kept going wider and wider and everyone was so excited,” Elswick said.

The video has almost 400 views.

Rescuers say they’re thrilled by the community’s support, but say they were just doing their job.

“It was a routine call,” said Clovis Firefighter Matt Dawson. “We went out, put up a ladder and got the cats down.”

One of the cats had an injured paw.

“They were in six inches of water and mamma was definitely not coming back and they were just going to starve or they were going to get hypothermia overnight,” said Elswick.

The two kittens are recovering at a local foster awaiting a forever home.

Now, the cats, known as Taz and Bugs, have a second chance at life and their very own YouTube hit.

“I keep teasing them they’re the most famous cats in Clovis right now,” said Elswick.

More than 25 people have already offered to adopt the kittens.

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