Video: Morning News June 11, 2014

Later Wednesday we could learn more about whoever went on a shooting spree inside a high school near Portland, Oregon, on Tuesday. One student was killed and a teacher was hurt. The boy who died is Emilio Hoffman, who was just 14 years old. So far, investigators haven’t said if the shooter’s a student, but they do think he killed himself.

I-25 is about to get shut down because of the Paseo project. Northbound I-25 will be shut down from San Antonio to Paseo del Norte from 9 p.m. until 5 a.m. tomorrow. This is set to happen through the rest of the week. If you’re headed that way, you’ll have to get off on the frontage road, then get back on the interstate.

Here we go again, another massive payout’s been ordered from APD. This one is worth $6 million and is for the two detectives who shot and killed Christopher Torres in his own backyard back in 2011.

The search is on for a woman involved in a shooting at a Sonic Drive-In in the South Valley. It started about 9 p.m. Deputies say they heard shots fired at the Sonic on Isleta, just south of Blake. A vehicle took off, slammed into a deputy’s vehicle and a man and a woman took off running. Deputies caught the man and are still looking for the woman.

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