APD: No video recovered from officer in Boyd shooting

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – Albuquerque Police said Wednesday no video or audio was recovered from Officer Keith Sandy’s equipment from March 16 when Sandy and Officer Dominique Perez shot and killed James Boyd in the foothills.

Hours of video APD released Wednesday from other officers on scene show some of what led up to the shooting.

Officers are heard asking Boyd to drop his two knives, asking him to walk down the mountain with them and even offering to put Boyd up in a hotel for a week.

However, Boyd was hesitant from the moment officers raised their weapons.

“They came with weapons drawn. If they had just inquired, I’d have probably made them coffee. I have some brewing,” Boyd is heard saying.

Three months later, the video we still haven’t seen is from Officer Sandy, the officer who fired first.

Sandy is part of the focus of an FBI investigation into the shoot.

KRQE News 13 asked Chief Gorden Eden a week after Boyd was killed if Sandy had video of the incident.

“There is some lapel video,” he said.

Later that week, Eden changed his course and declined to confirm its existence.

“I can’t answer that question at this time,” Eden said. “I hadn’t looked at all the lapel cameras yet and they were still cataloging all of them. I was told they had in their possession all of the lapel cameras. It was an assumption I had made.”

Now, we know that assumption was incorrect.

Joe Kennedy, attorney for the Boyd family, said the missing video raises a lot of questions.

“It is a highly suspicious coincidence of all the video cameras out there that this one would have malfunctioned and all the other video cameras seem to be working fine,” he said.

KRQE asked APD if the camera malfunctioned, if Sandy turned it off at some point during the incident or if he never even turned it on.

As of 10 p.m. on Wednesday, no one had gotten back to us with the answer to any of those questions, or the answer to whether Sandy will be disciplined.

“I think they should be able to determine whether he ever turned it on, turned it off, whether he’s able to erase it, tamper with it,” Kennedy said. “I think these are things they should and could be able to determine.”

A log shows Sandy’s camera was tagged into evidence, but Kennedy said, APD did not ask Sandy if he recorded any video on it in an interview with police two days after the shooting.

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