Family at center of old-fashioned hardware store

BERNALILLO (KRQE) – There’s an old-fashioned hardware store in Bernalillo that is in every sense a family store. TaGrMo True Value has been family-owned and operated for nearly four decades, so it’s not really a surprise the shop is closing soon so they owners can spend more time with family.

The store was even named after the children in the family, who spent much of their youth helping customers, “TaGrMo is named after our three children,” owner Helen Abousleman told News 13. “Ta is for Tammy. Gr is for Greg. Mo is for Mona.”

Helen and Ron Abousleman opened the store in 1977, moving to its current location a few years later. The Abouslemans announced this past week they’re closing TaGrMo for good by mid-July.

“It was a very hard decision to make. A lot of our customers in the past couple of days have been coming in, and we pretty much have cried together,” Abousleman said.

Abousleman said while a lot has changed in business in the past four decades, they’re not being forced out by big retailers. They decided to throw in the towel to spend more time with their grandkids, though she says they’ll miss the family they’ve created through the shop.

“We’re not going to miss the work. We’re not going to miss being here the long hours,” Abousleman said. “We’re going to miss our people. “

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