13 tornadoes strike New Mexico

LINCOLN COUNTY, NM (KRQE) – The National Weather Service confirmed Monday that 13 tornadoes touched down in New Mexico in storms that pummeled the eastern part of the state this past weekend.

They will be conducting storm surveys Monday in Encinoso, Corona and other areas around the state.

Wild weather shook many New Mexicans over the weekend first with funnel clouds, then tornadoes touching down and in some cases it was too close for comfort.

Devastating video from Sky news 13 shows the damage and in one area, leveling two homes.

About 40 minutes east of Carrizozo in Lincoln County there is mass rubble where a house once stood. The home looks as though it was torn from its foundation and thrown aside. Another view of that same house shows a shed and deck virtually untouched.

More video of the storm shows a tree snapped at its trunk and tore off limbs and utility crews out working to repair lines.

There is no word yet of any injuries.

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