Mosquitoes invade southeastern NM town

CLOVIS, N.M. (KRQE) – Southeastern New Mexico is fighting a very itchy insect problem, a mosquito invasion.

Calls have been pouring into the Clovis Code Compliance office for the last week in reference to the six-legged-bug.

Compliance officers say they’re receiving about 20 calls each day from people complaining about the swarms of mosquitoes throughout town.

“They’ve got to be in population of hundreds of thousands if not millions,” said Clovis Chief Code Compliance Officer Marcus Brice.

The infestation is so bad, the insects are actually showing up on weather radar.

What looks like a blog of rain making its way through the state is mosquitoes.

Cynthia Flores-Gonzales has lived in the area her whole life.

She says she’s never seen as many of the blood-sucking bugs as she did Wednesday.

“Last night we rode bikes and my husband and son got attacked by mosquitoes,” said Flores-Gonzales. “It was really really bad.”

Flores-Gonzales and her family aren’t alone.

“It was as if they were coming out of the grass when we were moving through. They were coming up and biting you everywhere,” said Megan Devenport.

City officials say they’re spraying for the insects when they can, but there’s a law that prohibits them from doing it as much as they’d like.

“If the wind is 10 miles-per-hour or greater, we cannot dispense chemicals,” said Brice.

Meaning if the wind continues to blow, the number of mosquitoes will likely increase.

It’s a situation the city says it’s doing its best to get a handle on.

For now, they say all they can do is warn the public of the buzzing and biting invasion.

“We do the best we can to curtail the numbers, but people need to take their own precautions also,” said Brice.

Officials suspect the mosquitoes are worse this year than previous years because of recent rain storms.

The city says it’s been spraying in the middle of the night when the wind cooperates.

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