Flood damages wreak havoc for Chaves county

ROSWELL, N.M. (KRQE) – This week Roswell is dealing with temperatures 100 degrees and higher, but residents are still recovering from the wild thunderstorms that caused flooding in May.

Last weekend’s rain fall combined with 2013’s monsoon season has caused some major problems for the county.

The Chaves County Flood Commission says they’ve had to suspend more than a dozen projects including the one Berrendo arroyo to work on more immediate flood problems in the county.

“Right now we’ve had to suspend work on that to catch up on some other things,” said Chaves County Flood Commission Superintendent Dick Smith.

The Berrendo arroyo was destroyed in September when intense rain fall caused raging flood waters to push through the city.

The commission has been working to restore the channel for seven months.

Chaves County Flood Commission Superintendent Dick Smith says work crews were partially finished with the project until the storms hit last weekend.

“We are having a really unusual year,” Smith said. “We have had two severe storms within the last 12 months.”

Roswell got nearly 4.5 inches of rain in four hours last Saturday. The rain destroyed a majority of the flood repairs.

Smith says all of the projects from the September flood have had to be rescheduled because they don’t have enough money or manpower to fix all of the damages at once.

For now, he says the commission is doing what they can.

“We’ll catch up. It may take us a year or two,  but we will catch up,” said Smith.

The flood commission has applied for a $400,00 FEMA grant to help pay for the Berrendo arroyo damage.

They hope to hear word on the grant in July.

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