Miracle girl and rescued cat make ‘purrfect’ pair

MORIARTY (KRQE) – She was by all accounts a miracle baby. Born weighing less than one pound, a Moriarty girl fought hard for months to stay alive. Now 10 years old she still has a lot of health issues, but her parents say an unexpected friend has made her life so much better.

“He’ll come and watch us to make sure we’re not hurting her, or he’ll lay over the top of her bed and watch us,” Fayth Youman’s mother, Sharon, told News 13.

Born prematurely, Fayth was dubbed the “Coke can baby” because she weighed only 12.5 ounces at birth. Fayth has cerebral palsy, is unable to walk, is blind and has limited communication skills.

One day after physical therapy though, Fayth asked to see a dog. The pet store they went to didn’t have any dogs, but they did have Estevan the cat.

“I put Estevan on Fayth’s lap and she grabbed a big old handful of hair, and he just meowed,” Sharon said.

Sharon said Fayth wouldn’t stop asking about the cat. They brought 8-year-old Estevan home a few days later.

“Fayth loves him. I mean, she likes it when he gets up on her bed,” Sharon said. “She can’t say the whole ‘Estevan,’ so she’ll say, “Tevan, what you doing?””

Sharon said Estevan has changed Fayth, and the adoption has given a once homeless cat a new lease on life.

“He’s a protector. I would say he’s her protector, and I’d say they both picked each other,” Sharon said.

Estevan was adopted from a pet store that participates in Animal Humane New Mexico’s Cats Around Town program. The aim of the program is to help adult cats find new homes outside of typical animal shelters.

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