Video: Morning News May 22, 2014

The latest on the baseball brawl with two Isotopes players. Miguel Olivo is suspended indefinitely for attacking his own teammate Alex Guerrero and biting off part of his ear during a game in Salt Lake City this week. Guerrero is still in the hospital.

It’s the dirty deed Larry Barker uncovered last night, the City of Santa Fe caught on camera dumping recycling bins in the city’s landfIll. How did this happen and what’s the city doing about it? Head to to find out.

APD says it does not have lapel video of officer Jeremy Dear shooting and killing Mary Hawkes last month, but the department is releasing other video from other officers before and after the shooting. Police are not saying if Dear turned on his camera before the shooting or not.

This is the day kids have been waiting for, for a long time. It’s the last day of school for APS! Most of them get out early, so slow down a little near schools.

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