Rapist teacher wanted to be allowed at schools

Child rapist wants to be allowed at schools

UPDATE/CORRECTION: In the original story, News 13 reported that a district judge had yet to weigh in on the motion. The case’s prosecutor Nicholas Marshall, tells News 13 that a judge denied the motion in February. The story has been updated to reflect the correct information. News 13 regrets the error.

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – Four years ago, a Jimmy Carter Middle School seventh-grade teacher’s arrest shocked the school community.

Kristy Sanchez-Trujillo, then 33, had sex with her 13-year-old student at least twice. Given her position and the student’s age, that’s rape.

She pled guilty to the charges against her in 2012. Under the plea deal, Sanchez-Trujillo got a year in the Community Custody Program on an ankle monitor and five to 20 years on probation. No time behind bars.

While on probation, Sanchez-Trujillo isn’t allowed to go places where children typically go, like schools, parks and pools, even if she goes with her own kids.

Sanchez-Trujillo didn’t think that was fair, and asked a judge in a motion to change her probation terms so she can go where her kids go.

In that motion, Sanchez-Trujillo’s attorney asked that her client be allowed to “accompany her children, for parent-child activities” to “youth football and soccer games, acting classes, swimming pools and for parent teacher conferences at their schools.”

The reasoning? Sanchez-Trujillo has been a “model client” under probation and that making changes to the deal would “be in the best interest of her children.”

Prosecutors fought the move, filing a response saying changing Sanchez-Trujillo’s probation terms shouldn’t be allowed.

They said a deal is a deal and that Sanchez-Trujillo isn’t safe to be around kids because she’s “shown a fondness for middle-school age boys” and “a sex offender who preyed on one of her middle school students.” They also said Sanchez-Trujillo made the request to change the terms of her deal too late.

Prosecutor Nicholas Marshall tells News 13 that a judge denied Sanchez-Trujillo’s motion in February because the time to request changes to the plea deal had expired.

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