Mark’s Wednesday Weather Report

Right on cue today moisture began to seep its way into eastern New Mexico. The result was a few thunderstorms briefly in our extreme eastern counties then those storms shot their way into Texas.

The storm count will only ramp up from here. Moisture will continue to move east to west across the state tomorrow. Most storms will still be centered east of the central mountain chain. But we could pick up some scattered showers here in central sections and around the metro area.

Meanwhile the core of the storm which is helping to draw this moisture into the state will still spin to our west. More showers will develop Friday as the storm churns over Arizona. Then over the weekend the storm will push through the state.

The result will be widespread showers and thunderstorms across most of the state. The area that will see most of the wetting rain will be eastern NM.

The models still love this system to produce more than an inch of rain in our eastern counties. Here in the metro area while we’ll see lesser amounts this could be our best rainfall in quite awhile.

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