Video: Morning News, Thursday May 15, 2014

Check out a video that’s going viral. It’s of a cat saving a boy in Bakersfield, California. The tyke was out on his bike when a dog attacked him then the boy’s cat comes out of no where. It scares the dog away and saves the boy.

The signal fire in the Gila is still growing and still out of control. So far it’s burned more than 5,000 acres and is just 25 percent contained. Learn more about it at 6 p.m. at the roundup lodge in San Lorenzo.

Money for your kid’s schools being wasted, that’s what Larry Barker’s going after in his latest investigation. This time it’s APS with more than a million dollar blunder. See what it’s all about

Pay raises for city workers and money to reform APD. Those will probably be the two big issues when Albuquerque’s city council meets tonight to talk about the new budget. We’ll be there and let you know what the say get all the details at


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