Video: Morning News, May 14, 2014

Here’s the national story everyone’s talking about this morning, a bounce house that blew away with kids inside of it. It happened yesterday in upstate New York and two of the kids were badly hurt. The other is alright. Police say the house was tied to the ground but a gust of wind picked it up.

One of the most popular stories on right now: The pediatrician accused of downloading child porn at his home in Albuquerque is out of jail this morning. Dr. Juan Eduardo Torres Santos says he was using it as research to see if kids had been abused, but detectives don’t buy it. He practices in Texas and Pennsylvania, not here in New Mexico.

It could cost twice as much to reform APD than originally thought, that’s what the Albuquerque Journal is reporting. City Councilor Dan Lewis just released a new budget with $2 million for the reforms and more for helping the homeless and mentally ill. Councilors will start talking about this Thursday.

We still can’t stop talking about the may snowstorm we got. The northern mountains got a lot. There’s up to a foot. We even got flurries in Albuquerque on Tuesday. Will we have any more?


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